Back to Unfinished Business

And the day will come for me to stay home and have enough to enjoy a good time with friends like University Life we once had singles but, never made it until now to be busy at home as well; even after some rest, because of not enough customers each month, like others who live alone expecting will work like the big guys in the market. Is that the answer we are expecting after getting back home from others at the same time? Have to work for others and to become a famous employee of the companies altogether, because we have to see how it’s done, not busy as well to climb abroad , where I go and come back to make a difference in experience of revenge ; not to loose your loved ones accidentally, God forbid


SIZE 60cm x 80cm
MEDIUM Water Color

2000 KD (Nicely Framed Artist Choice)


125KD ( with in Kuwait) 850$ International Shipping

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